Plexus Maker is a next-generation particle rendering plugin for Adobe Photoshop that lets you transform vector shapes into complex structures of interconnected points and triangles (plexus). It can create plexus texts effects, plexus structures from vector shapes (such as logos) or independent and abstract background plexus effects.

Plexus Maker works by analysing paths and according to the parameters, generating points that interconnect through lines and triangles. The carefully designed parameter system allows truly infinite results with values that go from fixed, to random, between a minimum and a maximum.

The plugin does complex mathematical calculations instantly to compute how a path is transformed. A curved path might have only two points, but according to settings, Plexus Maker can subdivide the curved path into multiple segments with main points and auxiliary points, all specifically placed and interconnected, forming a well defined plexus structure.

Plexus Maker Photoshop plugin large preview
Plexus Maker Photoshop user guide