Animated Animated Electric Energy Photoshop Action

Animated Animated Electric Energy Photoshop action from Graphicriver preview image

Animated Electric Energy is a pack containing 18 electricity looping animated effects and a Photoshop action to place the effects, very easily, over your images. The effects last for 1 second and can be repeated indefinitely when played back (cycle animation).

The effects are perfectly looping (1 second duration) and come in various forms with different flowing directions.

Using the built-in PS action you can place any number of animated elements very easily over your photos and create looping 1 second animations that can be exported as animated GIF or as video.


  • 18 High-Quality Animated Elements
  • Import – Position Elements – Export
  • 4K Effect Resolution (3840×2160px)
  • Perfect Looping Effects
  • Multiple Effects in Your Scene
  • Guaranteed Production Quality
  • Permanent Customer Support
Animated Electric Energy Photoshop Action - bodybuilderAnimated Electric Energy Photoshop Action - baseball playerAnimated Electric Energy Photoshop Action - samurai with electric swordAnimated Electric Energy Photoshop Action - Samurai with fire/electric sword in fog